Hands of Harvest, Hearts of Justice

Full-Length Bible Study Curriculum

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From the Introduction

“Jesus’ life and words are a challenge at the same time that they are Good News. They are a challenge to those of us who are poor and oppressed. By his life, he is calling us to give ourselves to others, to sacrifice for those who suffer, to share our lives with our brothers and sisters who are also oppressed. He is calling us to ‘hunger and thirst after justice’ in the same way that we hunger and thirst after food and water: that is, by putting our yearning into practice.”
—Cesar Chavez, Co-founder, United Farm Workers

Thank you for using the farmworker curriculum developed by the North Carolina Council of Churches Farmworker Ministry Committee and the National Farm Worker Ministry. The curriculum was written with the help of many individuals for churches to examine and reflect on farmworker issues in North Carolina in a biblical context. It is our hope that through the use of this curriculum, your congregation will lift up farmworkers and become a part of the North Carolina movement to improve the living and working conditions of those who harvest our crops.

Intended Use

The curriculum is intended for use with adult and high school worship groups, Sunday schools or Bible studies. There are seven class sessions, each approximately 45-60 minutes long, offered in the curriculum. The sessions focus on the following: Food: A Sacred Exchange; God Has No Borders; Labor in God’s Harvest; Health and Wholeness; Community and Culture; Family and Children; and Faith in Action on Behalf of Our Brothers and Sisters. We hope that your group will use all seven sessions; however the curriculum is designed so that a group can use Sessions 1 and 7 and as many in between as desired. Please note that Session 6 (Family and Children) may be appropriate for younger groups.

Curriculum Organization

Each session is organized into a Leader’s Instructions page, a Handout (to be copied and passed out to the participants) and a Learning Activity page, which can also be passed out to the participants unless otherwise instructed. All participants should also get a copy of the Farmworker Organizations page, the Resources page, and the Glossary, providing definitions of commonly used farmworker-related terms. These are found at the end of the curriculum.

Members of the Farmworker Ministry Committee may be available for leading sessions or for training groups on how to lead sessions. Contact the NC Council of Churches at (919) 828-6501 for inquiries about speakers, copies of the curriculum, or for more information.

This Bible Study is also available in Spanish here.

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  • I just read your article in Prism. I found it very enorgcauing: I’ve been trying to understand the various tangled strands of food justice and fair treatment of farmers and farm workers, and wondering why the church is so very silent on an issue that affects us all so deeply. It’s sobering to see how very little those who grow our food earn, compared to the profits of the large corporations that have near monopolies on seed, fertilizer, and distribution. Current policies and practices harm small and mid-sized US farmers and farm workers, and small farmers around the globe. It’s a complicated issue thank you for your efforts to raise awareness and to advocate for those who provide such an important service.

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