United States Farmworker Factsheet

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Farmworkers are some of our nation’s most vital workers, as their labor enables us to enjoy high quality, low-cost, fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. Despite farmworkers’ economic and cultural contributions to the communities where they live and work, they continue to be the some of the lowest paid, least protected, and unhealthiest workers in the United States. […]

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Farmworkers and Immigration

Farmworkers & Immigration

Not all immigrants are farmworkers, and not all farmworkers are immigrants. Yet as the following facts show, our agricultural system has always relied on the labor of displaced people that do not have the benefit of full citizenship in this country—whether indentured servants, slaves, sharecroppers, or undocumented immigrants. […]

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North Carolina Farmworker Health Facts

Farmworker Health

Farm labor ranks as one of the top three most dangerous occupations in the United States. In addition to hazards in the fields, farmworkers and their families face unique burdens on their physical and mental health. North Carolina’s leading industry is agriculture, yet farmworkers are among the most underserved residents in the state. […]

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Facts About North Carolina Farmworkers


Farmworkers play a vital role in cultivating the food we eat every day, and North carolina has one of the largest farmworker populations in the nation. even though 85% of our fresh fruits and vegetables are harvested by hand, farmworkers remain largely invisible.

Agricultural labor includes planting, cultivating, harvesting, and preparing crops for market or storage. Migrant farmworkers travel from place to place to work in agriculture and move into temporary housing while working; seasonal farmworkers work primarily in agriculture, but live in one community year-round. […]

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Farmworkers’ Vital Contribution to North Carolina’s Economy


Agriculture serves as the economic backbone for North Carolina, and farmworkers’ hand labor is needed to produce crops that bring in billions of dollars to the state’s economy each year. Despite this fact, farmworkers remain one of the state’s most economically disadvantaged and unprotected group of laborers.

Agriculture is North Carolina’s leading industry, including food, fiber and forestry, contributing over $69.6 billion annually and accounting for nearly one-fifth of the state’s income. North Carolina has a diverse agricultural economy, with 53,000 farmers growing over 80 different crops. […]

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